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Each day I take a walk by myself here in Delhi. Mostly at a local park named Lodi.

I try and give the Fitbit some action. But I also sit and do a lot of watching. There is always something going on here. More than twenty types of birds. Hawks swooping down with their unique scream agitating the crows. It’s a cacophony that the forty young deaf people doing some type of team bonding in the middle of the field cannot hear. Soccer/football playing. Family photo sessions. Picnics. People working out on exercise equipment. Contortionists in the yoga section.

Starting to see some of the same people each day. An old fellow with what appears to be a radio in his hand. A guy walking a Bull Terrier just like Spuds Mackenzie-except black. Too many young lovers to count. Not sure if they are same ones each day. An elderly man who is undergoing chemotherapy walking with a cane and a young assistant. He wears a tweed jacket that is too big for him and a black Greek fisherman’s woolen cap. A guy playing the flute on a bench in the middle of the park.

India really is incredible. You never know what to expect. Every day is different.

See below for some of my park photos. I hope you enjoy them.


I am all for this.


Wait a second! The back of these signs. I’m getting mixed messages here.


Bird house in the middle of the park? Check out the two photo bombers.


Hundreds of these birds in the park. Never gets old.


Caught my eye. Sacred Fig. Considered a sacred tree for Hindu folks.


Very cool. Section of park that has exercise equipment for those in wheelchairs.


Not the best quality photo. Color coordinated Sikh family photo shoot.



Loved these carvings.


Hijra (transgendered folks) looking for monetary donations from people in the park.


Not sure what the colored smoke symbolised.


Lily pads.



Stepping stones.


I call this one Narcissus.



Sweet potato man. As in the potato is sweet. I am not sure about the man.





Hawks on the ground, in flight and resting in the trees.


Vendor with a lot on his mind.


Palm trees.


Spud Makenzie’s Indian cousin.


I happened upon this crew. A parakeet chowing down with three squirrels.


M for Mary.


A dog just curled up and napping away.


Seriously how does one do that?


I liked this sign. They certainly spelled it out for visitors.


The end. I slip under the chain to exit at Gate 11. Not where I entered. 🙂


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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A neighbor of mine discovered that she had breast cancer shortly after moving here to Kuala Lumpur. In the midst of an international move. But she has done well and weathered this unexpected life challenge.

About three weeks ago, she attended a yoga class at a nearby club. She thought she was following directions well until there was a “press down” position. She couldn’t do it because her breast hurt. The site of the incision.

The instructor exclaimed loudly, “You are in the WRONG class. Your level is not good.”

She immediately felt ashamed and told me that she didn’t think she would go back to that class.

I was very upset. Totally bothered me. I told her that the shame was not hers. It was the instructor’s.

Just think how one bad experience can stop us in our tracks.

I recently met a very nice woman at my daughter’s school. She is a yoga instructor. I told her about this and she was also flabbergasted.

She said, “That’s not right. Tell her to come to my class. Yoga would be so good for her. There are even special classes for women that have had breast cancer.”

Long story short. My neighbor found a different class at her club. Seems to be working for her. I am so glad she tried again. That takes guts.

And then I started thinking about possibly taking up yoga. Not because of her terrible experience. That would have had me running for the hills never uttering another word that began with the letter Y.

It was because of the kindness that this other woman demonstrated. She didn’t want one bad experience to ruin something that would be very healthy and beneficial for this woman. Someone she never met.

Kindness rules. Always.

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