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We just moved into a new home in New England. Still dividing our time between India and the U.S. but wanted a place here to hang our hats.

Loving it. Even though it’s the middle of winter.

Our next door neighbor hosted a dinner party for us last Saturday. They invited three other couples. So a total of ten.

It was so nice. We never would have met these people during this wintery season. Most people are hunkering down indoors.

Now we know a bunch of nice folks.

One of the neighbors told me that when she moved here in October another one of the neighbors also hosted a dinner party to welcome them.

How very thoughtful. How very kind.

I thought to myself, “This is fabulous. I will do this for the next person who moves into the neighborhood!”

Kindness begets kindness.

We sometimes forget the rippling effects of kindness.

Have a great day and go create some ripples.

I am on my way to my new neighbor’s. She’s hosting a ladies’ coffee for me.

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Just attended a lovely coffee hour(s) in our neighborhood. Designed to welcome the new neighbors. In this community there is always movement. So there was a good showing.

I just love seeing people making connections. Fostering new relationships. Possibly meeting friends. Finding resources. Sharing suggestions and ideas.

Just fabulous.

I have always loved this. When I was a little girl I am sure that my mother rolled her eyes more than once.

I made more than one “tea” date for her. Kind of funny since we didn’t even drink tea. We were Irish Americans. Not Irish. Coffee people all the way.

But I guess I wanted people to meet my mom. Or have her meet them.

Just call me Yenta. Maybe my new blog could be called, “Just Being Yenta.”

There was the time I made a date for her with the woman who was back from the South. And living with her young children at her father’s home across the street. I was young. I couldn’t know that her husband was in jail.

Another time was the mom of a friend I just made in kindergarten. Her mother was German. I think maybe she spoke English.

Hey, I was five at the time! There was a lot I didn’t know.

But maybe, just maybe, everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten.

We all need a sense of community.

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