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It’s the prom season.

I don’t want to be the happy sucker.


Prom is a just a snapshot in time.

Sure, it should be a happy occasion.

But that is all it should be. A joyous time.

High school occasions are important but not a foretelling of anyone’s future.

No life decisions made at this moment.

This is a prom photo of me and my gal pals. Kristen L, Linda Mc., me and Jodie B.

Not a one of us with our prom dates. In the photo.

Or now. More than thirty years later.

Telling, isn’t it?

Enjoy the moment. But the moment might just be a moment. And that’s okay.


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I met an interesting lady a couple of weeks ago. She is a widow, author and travel writer.

During lunch she told me that she lost her husband some years ago. I said that I was sorry to hear that. I also asked if it was a sudden thing.

No, they were given three months.

She laughed and said, “So, he proceeded to teach me the maths.”

I was like,”What???”

While also thinking, “Geez, I’d have killed him right there. Not my idea of spending quality time! Maths!!!”

Obviously I’m not a math person. And either was Judyth.

When the postman came with one of their statements he’d have her collect it. She’d open it up and review their accounts. He’d ask her what she would do with this or that. Should they sell this or keep it? And on and on.

What he was doing was preparing Judyth to live on her own. A very important thing.

He had the gift of time although it was a short time. And he was going to use it wisely and practically.

To me it seemed to be the ultimate loving gesture. Using his limited time on earth to ensure that his partner would know how to to go on without him. Thinking about someone else while facing his own death. It’s a pretty big deal.

That’s quality time.

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I had a recent conversation with my husband. About bikes that we owned when we were first married. Nearly thirty years ago.

We discussed the make and where we bought them.

I then asked, “Sure, but did we use them?” LOL

He said, “Yes, we did!!!! We even rode them down the boulevard to your Nana’s house. You don’t remember???”

I said, “No, I don’t remember.” And I didn’t.

He replied, “Really? She was soooo happy to see us.”

I was thrilled that he had that memory. But it really bothers me that I don’t. It was my grandmother! I know it happened. My Nana was always on our radar. But I just don’t remember this occasion.

It saddens me.

But I guess it’s really good to have a partner. In time.

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