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What bothers you?

Plenty of little things bother me. At least for a moment.

Like when I see a shoe in the middle of the highway. I think, “How does that happen?”

The other day I saw two boots in the middle of the road and that bothered me even more!

It bothers me when there is a price tag on the inside of a shoe. Because I want to remove it but never go to any great lengths to make sure I actually finish the job and attack the residual adhesive. Like whipping out nail polish remover. So there’s a constant nagging bit of stickiness on my sole and my mind.

Not a big fan of the pieces of ribbon sewn into shirts and blouses -meant for easy hanging-but always poking out of the armhole. Every time I put a shirt on I adjust the tags, ribbons and body parts and say to myself, “I need to grab a pair of scissors and remove them.” And I never do. Not the body parts! They can stay-just the tags and ribbons.

I’m bothered by powdered cream for coffee.

Misspellings on menus bother me. Also signs. Here in Malaysia I see more advertisements and signs for saloons that are offering to cut and style your hair. I get that I am in a country where English is not the native language. But I want to say, “Please advertise in your own language and let us figure it out.” Or check with a native English speaker before ordering that big old sign. Just makes me thirsty.

This is just a short list. Obviously. And meant to be light hearted instead of the heavy stuff.

What bothers you?

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