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Yes, there were times when I thought my Dad was mean.

I was probably in the fourth or fifth grade and I was invited to a sleepover at the home of a classmate. Sleepovers were not as popular then as they are these days. People just didn’t do it back then. Probably figuring out where their own were going to sleep was enough of an issue.

So way more exciting for me.

I asked my father if I could attend. He said, “No.”

I remember being heartbroken, crying and asking why.

He said, “Because I said no. I don’t want you to go.”

I was inconsolable.

The next weekend my father took us to an amusement park called Rocky Point. It was not the usual thing for us. And just for the record- it was in no way a “makeup” to me. He never played mind games with us. He was totally black and white.

But I remember thinking then and I still maintain the thought to this day. Maybe you won’t believe me. But it’s the truth.

I thought then that when we don’t get what we want (as hard as it might be to take) there is going to be something special or better around the corner. I tell my girls this all the time.

I now also think that my father had every right to tell me, “No.” I was his daughter and he had some reason he didn’t want me to go. Maybe he knew something I didn’t know. Maybe he thought I was too young.

And he didn’t have to tell me why or give some drawn out explanation (no matter how badly I wanted one) because he was my father.

It’s old school. He was old school. But, as a result, I learned a few lessons. I won’t always get what I want and that’s okay. And I also learned, as a parent, you have to trust your instinct. It’s totally okay to say no. You do not owe an explanation to anyone.

And there’s always something better around the corner!

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