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Each day I take a walk by myself here in Delhi. Mostly at a local park named Lodi.

I try and give the Fitbit some action. But I also sit and do a lot of watching. There is always something going on here. More than twenty types of birds. Hawks swooping down with their unique scream agitating the crows. It’s a cacophony that the forty young deaf people doing some type of team bonding in the middle of the field cannot hear. Soccer/football playing. Family photo sessions. Picnics. People working out on exercise equipment. Contortionists in the yoga section.

Starting to see some of the same people each day. An old fellow with what appears to be a radio in his hand. A guy walking a Bull Terrier just like Spuds Mackenzie-except black. Too many young lovers to count. Not sure if they are same ones each day. An elderly man who is undergoing chemotherapy walking with a cane and a young assistant. He wears a tweed jacket that is too big for him and a black Greek fisherman’s woolen cap. A guy playing the flute on a bench in the middle of the park.

India really is incredible. You never know what to expect. Every day is different.

See below for some of my park photos. I hope you enjoy them.


I am all for this.


Wait a second! The back of these signs. I’m getting mixed messages here.


Bird house in the middle of the park? Check out the two photo bombers.


Hundreds of these birds in the park. Never gets old.


Caught my eye. Sacred Fig. Considered a sacred tree for Hindu folks.


Very cool. Section of park that has exercise equipment for those in wheelchairs.


Not the best quality photo. Color coordinated Sikh family photo shoot.



Loved these carvings.


Hijra (transgendered folks) looking for monetary donations from people in the park.


Not sure what the colored smoke symbolised.


Lily pads.



Stepping stones.


I call this one Narcissus.



Sweet potato man. As in the potato is sweet. I am not sure about the man.





Hawks on the ground, in flight and resting in the trees.


Vendor with a lot on his mind.


Palm trees.


Spud Makenzie’s Indian cousin.


I happened upon this crew. A parakeet chowing down with three squirrels.


M for Mary.


A dog just curled up and napping away.


Seriously how does one do that?


I liked this sign. They certainly spelled it out for visitors.


The end. I slip under the chain to exit at Gate 11. Not where I entered. 🙂


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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Thought I would share some photos taken while I lived in Malaysia. They made me smile. Or laugh. Or shudder. Or just pause.


Who would try to feed that bad boy?


Ummm, okay. Not sure I would ever be a regular customer.


Why are people always complaining about hospital food?


I prayed, “Please don’t slip in your socks!” Most of the fellas go barefoot.


Not exactly sure what this is but I think I could use one.


Fast service no matter how long it takes. Good to know.

Needed cash so I was excited to see the ATM. Until. Sigh. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion.


Day at the zoo. Adult wristband. Validation!


I know it shows no right turn but that blinker was flashing anyway. Hope they’re okay.


Those folks obviously didn’t read the sign.


Dunkin Donuts. Not just donuts.


Sign in the hospital. Way to motivate.


Pretty birds just wandering around the neighborhood near school. On the correct side of the road.


So proud to have grown up in Ode Island. Malaysian heat toasted my bumper sticker.


When you’re not like the rest of the gang.


This photo was taken by a friend. LOL.


I will leave you with this one.

Who’s a mess? Amma mess.





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What bothers you?

Plenty of little things bother me. At least for a moment.

Like when I see a shoe in the middle of the highway. I think, “How does that happen?”

The other day I saw two boots in the middle of the road and that bothered me even more!

It bothers me when there is a price tag on the inside of a shoe. Because I want to remove it but never go to any great lengths to make sure I actually finish the job and attack the residual adhesive. Like whipping out nail polish remover. So there’s a constant nagging bit of stickiness on my sole and my mind.

Not a big fan of the pieces of ribbon sewn into shirts and blouses -meant for easy hanging-but always poking out of the armhole. Every time I put a shirt on I adjust the tags, ribbons and body parts and say to myself, “I need to grab a pair of scissors and remove them.” And I never do. Not the body parts! They can stay-just the tags and ribbons.

I’m bothered by powdered cream for coffee.

Misspellings on menus bother me. Also signs. Here in Malaysia I see more advertisements and signs for saloons that are offering to cut and style your hair. I get that I am in a country where English is not the native language. But I want to say, “Please advertise in your own language and let us figure it out.” Or check with a native English speaker before ordering that big old sign. Just makes me thirsty.

This is just a short list. Obviously. And meant to be light hearted instead of the heavy stuff.

What bothers you?

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My cousin’s father-in-law died this past Sunday. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family.

It’s so sad because this is a time when a lot of my contemporaries are seeing their parents leave this earth. And no one wants to see them go.

Of course, he passed away five minutes after she and I checked into a motel on Cape Cod. I don’t think he planned it that way. If she had canceled the trip like she considered then I am sure he would have held on for two more weeks.

The old Yiddish proverb, “Man plans and God laughs” comes to mind. Some things we just cannot control.

When this man took his final breath in Upstate New York there was a bolt of lightning and a clap of thunder accompanied with torrential rain. It stopped and a beautiful rainbow appeared. Now, that is what I call going out with a bang.

And sending a message to his loved ones.

Isn’t that just wonderful? Wow.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  Enjoy and appreciate every moment.

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Just a few things that caught my eye recently here in Kuala Lumpur. Not sure why these make me laugh. But they do.

We spend a good portion of our time teaching the young folks the importance of trying. Could all be undone with a sign like this.

Just so glad they didn’t charge for the warm water. Especially since we didn’t order it warm.

The cashier looked at me and stamped the receipt. How did she know I was checked out that day?

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