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There are a few issues in the U.S. that need addressing.

We need to start respectful, serious discussions.

Mass shootings in America has totally gotten out of control. I think we can all agree on that. What we cannot agree on is how to fix it. Or prevent it.

There is always someone who will say loads of people die from drugs, alchohol or car accidents. Should we ban driving? Again with the Prohibition?

Someone actually did say this.

No. But as a nation if we can keep improving why wouldn’t we try?  In many ways we have shown so much progress.

Our children are strapped in secure car seats. Probably saved a few lives. While biking we have our kids wear helmets. I am sure that prevented a head injury or two. We still have cars but almost every American buckles up once they are behind the wheel. Think that kept a body or three protected. Cars are now outfitted with air bags. I can tell you that helped me when I was in a head on collision many years ago.

The age to use/buy alcohol was changed and while young folks can/will still find a way to drink it might just have decreased the rates of alcohol related accidents/deaths and early addiction for some.

So why, when it comes to our children being safe while learning their ABCs or attending a concert, would we not want to look at any/every possible way to keep them secure? Have safety measures in place?

I feel like it’s closing in on us.

Long time followers of this blog will remember that my niece and nephew lived in the next town over from Newtown when that horror took place. Neighboring schools went into lockdown mode. My nephew was under the desk and couldn’t understand why his teacher was yelling. My niece was sent into the cubbie with the teacher pretending it was a game.

That was right before Christmas. Next town over but it effected everyone in the area. My brother and his wife were sick about it. Could hardly talk about it. Who wouldn’t be sick about it? I just can’t imagine the pain of a parent losing their baby like that. The fear those children must have experienced.

Not too long ago there was a terrible shooting in Las Vegas. Wasn’t in a school but during an outdoor concert. A young girl, whose mother worked in the office at my daughter’s California school, was shot in the head that day. A guy who attended high school with my friend Karla was killed.

Something has to be done. A lot has to be done. And maybe both sides of this debate can make the decision to move a bit closer to ensuring the safety of our children.

They can be the future.

If they’re safe.

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Thought I would share some photos taken while I lived in Malaysia. They made me smile. Or laugh. Or shudder. Or just pause.


Who would try to feed that bad boy?


Ummm, okay. Not sure I would ever be a regular customer.


Why are people always complaining about hospital food?


I prayed, “Please don’t slip in your socks!” Most of the fellas go barefoot.


Not exactly sure what this is but I think I could use one.


Fast service no matter how long it takes. Good to know.

Needed cash so I was excited to see the ATM. Until. Sigh. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion.


Day at the zoo. Adult wristband. Validation!


I know it shows no right turn but that blinker was flashing anyway. Hope they’re okay.


Those folks obviously didn’t read the sign.


Dunkin Donuts. Not just donuts.


Sign in the hospital. Way to motivate.


Pretty birds just wandering around the neighborhood near school. On the correct side of the road.


So proud to have grown up in Ode Island. Malaysian heat toasted my bumper sticker.


When you’re not like the rest of the gang.


This photo was taken by a friend. LOL.


I will leave you with this one.

Who’s a mess? Amma mess.





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I was at the butcher’s the other day with a friend. It’s a thriving family business frequented by many in the area. They supply restaurants, hotels and groceries with their meats. They also allow the public to purchase from their store.

Nothing against them but it’s not a place I really enjoy.

There’s always that smell of fresh meat and blood permeating the rooms. Even if it’s not a strong odor it’s still there.

It’s not a bad place. I’m aware someone has to do the job. It supports families. Provides an honest living. Allows customers nice pieces of meat. All good things. 

And while I might not be the biggest fan of these types of shops I am also totally (and strangely) fascinated by the place.

They are currently renovating so I was watching an older Chinese lady working behind a new glass enclosure. She was at the machine cutting the meat. I almost have my nose pressed up against the glass. I can’t look away. Like a kid at a candy store. Except not. 

Her fingers are going a mile a minute, shifting meat slices and adding more. I’m sort of nervous. I keep thinking, “Whoa, that one was close!” and “Whew!” and “Uh oh, that was a near miss!”

I am not sure what I would have done had it been a hit!

She already has a couple of digits missing. I’ve noticed this in the past but for some reason it always seems brand new to me. Like deja vu all over again. I always mention it.

When I said it (again) to my friend she said, “Not only that but she had to have her legs broken and reset. Totally bowed from years of standing on her feet working away.”

I exclaim in horror, “Oh, geez!”

We don’t always see or realize the hazards of some occupations. Or the lack of safety measures in place.

Consider yourself lucky if your job is safe and comfortable.





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I can hardly believe it is almost a year that my father left us.

I used to hear people say about their own loss,”I think about you every day.”

I thought that was really sweet but didn’t really understand it.

I understand it now.

I think about my father every single day. I have a busy life but there is not a day I don’t mention him or think about him. Especially when I look at his photo on my bedroom mirror. Sometimes I say, “Dad, still a little miffed that you left us.”

I want to call him and ask him questions. About family history or about the current U.S. elections. About the New England weather or the Patriots.

I really just wish that he was still here.

I gave him a run for his money when I was a teenager but that was then. He, bless his heart, never held it against me. That’s what makes a great father.

He was a loving grandfather and my kids will always remember him as an important person in their lives.

This past summer, my brother ran into a family friend, Johnny, who worked with my Dad. Johnny recounted a story about when he first started on the job as a young buck. He must have dismounted the truck the wrong way and my Dad yelled at him. My Dad was all about safety and has fifty years of awards to prove it.

Johnny went home to tell his own father about this guy yelling at him and his father told him, “Pat Lennon is one of the finest men you will ever meet.”

Johnny was one of the last people, besides immediate family, to spend time with my Dad in the hospital.

Johnny loved my Dad. He was with him in the end. Even though Dad yelled at him forty years ago. Dad just wanted to keep him safe.

I loved my Dad. I was with him in the end. Even though he yelled at me some thirty years ago. Dad just wanted to keep me safe.

Miss you so much, Dad.




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