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Another obituary I thought was nicely done.

Back in September a friend of my husband’s family died in Connecticut. So I had a look at the write up. It listed the activities of an accomplished, active and hardworking woman.

It stated that the burial was private and there would be no calling hours.

Last line was this.

Audrey would rather you take a friend to lunch or reach out and perform some act of kindness.

I thought that was just lovely.

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Never Know

Suicides are a result of a depressive state. We tend to think that it means months or years of a depressive state.

What we don’t always factor in is that sometimes it is a situational feeling of depression.

I have written about situational feelings in previous blog postings.

When I was a teen, I remember the boy who was “outed” at school and went home to slit his wrists and blow his brains out with a gun.

I remember the young fellow, who after a night of partying, hit another car and went home and killed himself.

And sadly, a few other cases.

It’s the feeling of being ashamed. We have all been ashamed. Or mortified. We don’t always kill ourselves. But it could be waiting in the wings.

It could be anything that triggers it.

Most recently, a former neighbor of mine, and former husband of a dear friend, took his own life. In the prime of his life. Good job. Kids are great. Girlfriend. Golfing. Motorcycling. Horseback riding.

But sometimes things get tough. It could be a DUI. Or any number of things. It gets folks thinking that life will never be the same.

I say this. Not that anyone will listen.

Take a deep breath. Get with those that have your best interests at heart.

Those things that seem life changing might actually be life changing but not always in a bad way. Face it with the support of others.

You are still needed by many. And there really is a way to figure it all out as long as you reach out to others.

I’ve said this before, “Life is very short.”

We don’t need to make it any shorter. If it’s in our power. Reach out.

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