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Today was the first day of school for Annie here in Kuala Lumpur. Tempus fugit!

It prompted a memory of another first day of school in Coppell, Texas. That time it was Annie’s older sister, Rory. Who is now in her last year of college.

When Rory was about to enter third grade she was so excited. We had moved within the same town to a different neighborhood. This meant that she would be attending a new elementary school. And she would be taking the bus with the other neighborhood children. A first for her.

So, on this first day of school I walked her up to the bus stop. She couldn’t wait to hop on board. Eagerly lined up at the front when it pulled up to the stop.

But, even in her excited eagerness, she noticed a little neighbor girl who was starting school for the first time ever. Kindergarten. The child was crying, scared, wouldn’t move and made no attempt to gravitate towards the line or the bus. And her mom wasn’t making any progress.

Totally unsolicited, Rory left her place in the line. The others started boarding but she went over to little Davis. She took her by the hand, gently spoke with her, and coaxed the little girl onto the bus with her. Off they went.

One of the moms came up to me after the bus departed and asked, “Was that your little girl who helped Davis?”

I said, “Yes.”

She said, “That was so amazing to watch. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

And those are the things that should make a parent proud. Like I was on that first day of school.

I wish you all a wonderful school year!

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Allow me to share (not basking-just sharing) a proud mama moment. As any parent will tell you we have many of the not so proud moments. So grant me this one.

On Monday, I stopped by Annie’s school to drop off some uniforms and our forwarding address information. I chatted with Carol, the woman at the front desk, for a few moments. I thanked her for her help over the years.

She said, “I have to share this with you. The other day Annie came in to see me, all by herself, and said that she just wanted to say thank you.” Carol said her eyes filled up (as did Annie’s) and they hugged. Carol said, “She’s a wonderful girl. I’m really going to miss her.”

Okay, so what makes this a proud moment for me?

1) It was of her own volition. No one told her to do this.

2) She’s thirteen and went to visit Carol privately. No big show with all her friends. One on one.

3) It was a thank you stop before a farewell stop.

4) That Annie went to visit Carol in the first place. The lady at the front desk. Sometimes those ladies get a bit overshadowed by the bigger players and don’t receive the thanks they truly deserve.

Annie didn’t do this because I value it or because of ad nauseum nagging on my part. If that were the case her bedroom would be spotless. It’s not.

It’s because somewhere along the way thanks and gratitude became valuable to her.

So thanks, Annie, for being a good kid and expressing thankfulness. I am really proud of you.

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