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A few weeks ago, my girlfriends treated me out to a nice luncheon, here in Kuala Lumpur, in honor of my forty eight years of causing trouble on this earth. The restaurant was very cool. There was a brown, wooden box on each table filled with white laminated cards. Designed as icebreakers and to get people off their cell phones and conversing with each other.

The cards did prompt some sharing. But this card (photo above) stumped me and some of the others. Not just because the question ends in a preposition! It caused us to think about something we have done that could be deemed pride worthy. I struggled with that. For myself. Not others. That’s easy. We all have pride in our families, kids, and friends.  So, the jury (me) is still out on my answer about myself. When I figure it out I will let you know.

But, for now, there is a “who” not a “what” that I am very proud of at the moment. My younger brother has been out of work for nearly two years. Great guy, smart, hard working, honest and affable. Good looking, too, but that is just a fortunate toss of the genes.  He’s an all around good person.

He worked extremely hard to earn his MBA, at a nearby university, in the evenings. That was after working all day and also being a very hands on parent. Don’t know how he did it. But he did.

And then he was laid off April, 2011. It’s been a challenge for him and his family knowing there is a mortgage, kids’ education, cars, bills, etc. weighing heavily on his shoulders. He applied for many jobs. Interviewed over and over for different positions. With no success. They always hired from within the company or pulled the job requisition. Or there were just too many people scrambling for one opening.

Anyway, great news! He has landed a part time position for the Christmas season. As a driver/delivery guy for a well known U.S. package delivery company. We are all hoping it will turn into something permanent.

Is he over qualified for this job? Absolutely. Is it the type of job he previously had? Absolutely not.

But he knows a few things. He knows he needs to support his family. He knows he needs to do whatever it takes. He knows hard work. He knows honesty. He knows responsibility.

I have seen many folks turn down a job (or not even apply) when they felt they were overqualified or that it was beneath them. They would rather have no job. Is it beneath anyone to provide for their family???

It’s not beneath my brother. He’s not too proud. Ironically, his not being too proud is what is causing an overload of pride in me. I am too proud.

I also want to note that my husband took a seasonal job with that same company twenty six years ago. We were newly married and didn’t have two dimes to rub together. So this somehow feels right. 

Also have to add that said brother told me I should write exactly what I want to write. He probably just didn’t think it would be about him. I know he will forgive me.  

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