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I read an article that was just terrible. I know. I know. So many articles out there are terrible.

This one was about a young lad who was in a Welsh medical school.

Seems he had a fling with a young woman. Also a student. That has been known to happen. So far. So normal.

He then chose to share this information with his rugby buddies in a private on-line group.

That’s where it started to go bad.

His “pals” decided to share his postings with hundreds of others on social media. And the young lady became aware.

Who knows how she reacted.

The fellow then becomes worried that his words could even cause expulsion from the school.

He hanged himself.

I don’t know all the details. The newspaper gives you bits and pieces.

But this is how I imagine it all.

Girl is absolutely mortified. The sheer embarrassment of it all.

Boy is now mortified that this information was shared. Maybe feels shame and guilt once he knows the girl is aware of what he shared.

Feels hopeless. Can’t imagine that this will ever fade. Starts to think that even his future is doomed if the school expels him.

This could have played out in a few different ways.

The young woman might have been the one unable to handle the situation.

Or there could have been apologies on behalf of the boy. Maybe a suspension.

Life could go on. Human beings make mistakes all the time.

But there is no going back in this particular case.

Just devastated people left behind. Grieving parents.

So many lessons to be learned.

We need to be kind. Especially on social media.

We need to be better at using social media responsibly. Think about the consequences of our words and actions.

It wouldn’t ever hurt to use that quote we have all heard. Before speaking (or writing) ask yourself these three questions. Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?

There is a “gofundme” page as a result of this death and it states that the money will be used for projects and forums aimed to avoid a reoccurrence of a similar tragedy.

I certainly hope that those projects and forums will be successful.








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I know you have read and heard all of the arguments. Ad nauseam.

Regardless of which side you support.

Do I even need to bring up the topic?

I totally get that you wouldn’t want to read or hear one more thing about it. Because it truly is the same old thing. Same old arguments on the television, in the papers and on social media.

So I am not going to bring up the topic in this posting.

But about that social media. Just want to say a few things for the people in Facebookland.

Snarky memes and sarcastic status updates on a page is probably not the best way to convince a person from the other side to see the light. Or change anyone’s opinion.

Posting one more stale article from a favorite news outlet won’t make a whit of difference.

We all know you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.


Constant posting of vitriol only results in two things.

  1. Usually an immediate, fiery response from someone who disagrees. Then it can turn ugly.
  2. Show of support from those who agree and share the same views. And can possibly promote more ugliness in the threads. Who needs that sort of validation?

Posting like a mad dog on Facebook doesn’t help a cause. No one wants to witness name calling and bullying. Just makes people want to hide others from their newsfeed. Or start the defriending process.

I almost feel like there should be a Facebook button similar to the “Are you sure you want to leave this page?” Something that states, “Are you sure? I mean are you really sure you want to post that?” In the name of responsible posting. LOL.

Because I no longer want to associate folks, in my head, with their Facebook persona. Like “Angry Poster.” “Riled Up Again.” “Recycler Of News.”

This applies to both sides.

Unless we start engaging in civil conversations nothing will ever change.

We need to stop the “us and them” mentality any/every time there is a new headline that needs addressing and begin working together for the health of our country.


Let’s all try to be respectful. Then maybe, just maybe, we can make some progress. On that unnamed topic.

And others.








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