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I learn something new every day. And I am aware.

My husband is amazed at the things I see and hear. “How can you be so aware of some things and yet……?”

Could be big stuff but most often it’s just the little things.

Like I was curious about some parsley I planted in my front garden which is usually reserved for flowers. It was not a thought out plan. I just ran out of space in my pots. Plunked it into the bed. This plant actually flourished. More so than any parsley plant in the backyard or the patio pots.

Life is truly a mystery.

I had a look at the mound of green and noticed a bunch of caterpillars. Upon closer observation I saw them chomping away at the leaves. Going at a good clip. Sort of eating like I do when I have a favorite meal in front of me.

These suckers are Parsley Caterpillars aka Black Swallowtail and they stink. Literally. If provoked they instantly release two bright orange antennae. Like a little snake with a forked tongue. Accompanied by a rotten smell. Yep, these little guys cause a stink. That’s what keeps them safe from predators.

Don’t worry. I didn’t send them to an early demise. I appreciate a good pollinator just like the next guy. They are safe and sound. And so is the parsley plant.

The moral of the story is this. Cause a stink, stay protected and eat your greens.

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Hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there during this odd, bizarre and unprecedented time. I, for one, am still processing it all!

By now though, hopefully everyone has completed a puzzle, learned a new language, hopped on some type of ZOOM call or rearranged the pantry. And has established a new routine. Or is that just pie in the sky thinking?

We have no real routine. Our pantry has been rearranged about four times. At least. One day it looks like a neat 7/11 mini-grocery with its shiny offerings neatly aligned on the shelves. Another day it looks like a home invasion gone wrong. Very wrong.

Enough of that.

My #6 suggestion is to actually try something that has momentarily sparked your interest. You know the one. When you were thinking, “How cool! Best thing ever!” Only to forget about it two seconds later as you scroll down the screen.

Doesn’t have to be a big deal. Something simple.

Like when I shared (a while ago) my attempt at ripening an avocado in the oven. I have always had a love-hate relationship with them and was determined to beat the little non-native suckers into submission. Because I felt like Goldilocks every time I had one in my hand. Too hard. Too soft. Oops, I waited a minute and now it’s brown and rotten. When an article about bucking Mother Nature and hastening the aging process caught my eye I was so ready. Totally willing to manipulate the little green orb.

Didn’t work. Wrapped the avocado up, snug as a bug, with aluminum foil, baked it and eagerly waited for the results. Well, the fruit definitely softened but there was also a funky, metallic taste that came along with it. FAIL. Let’s chalk up that little experiment as a big no-go.

But here is a small success. I viewed this kitchen life hack in a video on more than one occasion. Always thought it looked great. And always forgot about it two seconds later. LOL. My friend, Stacy, recently posted it again so I thought, “Why not give it a try?”

This one is a winner. Great for spinach, parsley and mint with their long stems. Don’t forget-mojito season is just around the corner! This would work for anything with long, thin stems. Except for wine glasses.

Just push the stem through the small hole in the colander and grab the end. The stem pulls out easily, beheading in the process, with only the perfect leaves remaining in the colander.

Would using a knife be quicker? Sure. But this is a calming, easy chore. Even little kids can help in the kitchen without the possibility of an emergency room visit.

So the next time something new/interesting to try catches your eye jot yourself a little note. This will ensure you don’t forget! Then make it happen. Could be a dismal failure or a resounding success.

Either way, at least, you tried!

Stay safe and keep practicing safety measures!

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