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I keep up with the U.S. news even thought I am not living there at the moment. I used to be appalled at the gun violence that seemed to be picking up speed at an alarmingly fast pace. Almost daily.

The mass shootings even more so. Because you don’t hear about every single murder in the U.S. It’s got to be high profile to get the sound bites.

Now, I just feel bad. No more shock.

I sit here with my friends from Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland, Malaysia and many other places around the world and I have no answers as to why my country has turned into a Wild West program with shootouts occurring regularly.

Some guy goes into a clinic and shoots up the place last Friday. No one even bats an eye and the “candidates” and “news” want to blame the type of clinic to curry favor with their followers. I use the terms “candidates” and “news” very, very loosely.

We can now add another place to the list of places to avoid. Churches, temples, movie theaters, post offices, malls, elementary schools, high schools, college campuses and clinics have already been targeted. Did I miss any? Now we have a center for disabled folks.

Lord, have mercy. Anyone have mercy.

We have a gun problem in our country. No doubt about it. Nut cases are walking around with guns. Some legally obtained and some not. But still the damage has been done. And continues. Every day.

This latest case is no different except for possible motive. It wasn’t a “he” loner who was bullied in middle school, played non stop video games in a darkened room with only a blinking screen for light and wanted to lash out at the world while getting instant name recognition. Or maybe he was. How would I know?

But this was a duo that wreaked utter madness at a work place. Sounds like terrorist activity. Okay, I take that back. They’ve all been terrorist activities-just different motives. But all the mass shootings have been committed by those born in the U.S. These latest two poor excuses for humans bought guns legally. Or so says the news.

They weren’t refugees and they didn’t smuggle guns into our country. One born and raised and the other on a spousal visa. They were both already here. The perpetrators and the guns.

We have a database for DNA, child molesters and criminals. Can’t we add a program that goes bing, bing, bing if someone buys just a tad too much ammunition to kill some game? Like more than 6000 rounds? Okay, it’s just an idea.

Yes, there are many radicalized insane mental cases out there. And I just don’t know what the answer to that is.

This couple left a six month baby girl in the care of others while they committed murder. I cannot comprehend any of that. But leaving a baby to be orphaned is absolutely beyond the pale for me. I can’t imagine. I still say to myself, God or whoever, “Please let me live until they are both on their feet.” Nobody. No spouse. No deity. No one is going to make me leave my kids alone in this world. If I have any say in the matter.

So, until something is done about the guns, then I can only say, try and know your neighbors. Be aware. Know your surroundings. If something looks strange or suspicious then notify the appropriate authorities. Don’t be paranoid but be aware.

It’s hard to believe that with all of these incidents in the last decade no one knew there was a problem with these individuals. Not their families. Their neighbors. Weird.










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