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I remember seeing a photo that was an entry in the KL Photo Awards.

It was striking.

It showed a little black girl licking a huge, horrible looking knife. Looked like it was taken in Africa.

One could think, based on this one image, “Oh my, how savage! Is she one of those rebel child soldiers just in from a kill?”

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?


What the photo did not show was her friend’s birthday cake that had just been cut. Kid was licking the frosting off the knife.

I saw a video today that’s being shared. Shows refugees in Europe refusing food and water from the Red Cross.

Immediately, folks want to believe that it is because there was a “cross” on the package. And that they refused the food because they were Muslim. Some say it’s because the food is non halal.

An ungrateful lot.

Can you imagine what will happen to Europe if they let these Muslims in and take over their countries?

Back story is something like this. These guys were waiting for hours and hours in the pouring rain waiting to cross the border. Guards were only letting in so many every few hours. There was frustration and one yelled, “We don’t want food! We want to cross the border!”

Geez, I get a little impatient and frustrated when the cashier at our local grocery store, Jusco, takes way too long to bag my items. Granted I’m not throwing things. Thank God my testosterone is in check!

Maybe they were an ungrateful bunch. I doubt it but could be proved wrong. But that’s not most of the refugee population.

My point is that one photo or one video taken out of context might not tell the entire story.

It’s important to remember that when sharing items that could promote hate. Or even dislike.

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