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Many years ago read an article that I found quite interesting. It was about a literary pilgrimage of sorts.

It listed authors and the places they lived or wrote. Most located in upstate New York and some New England.

I wanted to go but never did. Then one day, nearly four years ago, I threw the thought out into the universe. My cousin, Joanne, was interested. A summer road trip was soon in the works.

It was really fun. Exploring places we never would have seen.

We left Brooklyn and our first stop was Washington Irving’s place, Sunnyside. A beautiful place on the Hudson in Westchester, New York.

Headed to Olana. Another gorgeous property. Also situated on the Hudson River. My cousin, Elizabeth, had recommended this stop. The home and studio of painter Frederic Edwin Church now a historic site and managed by the New York State Department of Parks.

Got there too late to take a tour. No amount of scheming on my part could get us in on the current tour. Not sure if they are just really strict about it or if that particular guy was just a schmoe. My charm was totally wasted on him.

But a fantastic site.

Pedal to the metal and we were off again.

We drove to “The Mount” which is the name of Edith Wharton’s home in Lenox, Massachusetts. Her book, Ethan Frome, written in 1911, still gives me the shivers.

This was a beautiful home and the surrounding gardens were lovely.

Had a very nice lunch at a cool place in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Food was really good.

Their gallery hosts story telling, spoken word, book launches and more.

Also located in Stockbridge is the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Crosssed the border and into New York State.

Headed to Austerlitz, in the woods, to visit Edna St. Vincent Millay’s Steepletop. I had read her life story in my Dallas book club years ago. She lived quite the colorful life. Edna was a poet and a feminist.

Love this poem of hers.

First Fig

My candle burns at both ends;

It will not last the night;

But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—

It gives a lovely light!

Interesting that the author of a book I am currently reading now lives in Austerlitz.

Next stop. Stayed at a neat and simple motel overlooking the lake in Guilderland, New York. This is near Cooperstown.

Browsed the nice shops of Cooperstown and strolled down historic Main Street.

Did not make it to the Fenimore Museum. It is built on the site of James Fenimore Cooper’s 19th century farmhouse. Must have been a time issue if we didn’t make it.

Anyway, Cooperstown was our last stop. We sure did drive through some beautiful areas of New York and Massachusetts. Stopped at wonderful road side fruit and vegetable stands. Even ended up visiting with a dairy farmer when we drove by his farm.

It was a great road trip that might never have happened. Until I sent it into the universe.

What do you want to send into the universe? Where do you really want to go?



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As I said in my previous post today is my “little” brother’s 50th birthday. He’s my little brother but he hasn’t been little since he was a youngster. He’s about six feet two or three inches tall and I am five feet one and a half inches tall. My older brother is about six feet.

I often wondered how it would have played out if they got my height and I got theirs.

Luckily for them (and me) they took after Dad’s side and I was the exact height of my mother.

When we are together we laugh like hyenas.

Anyway, this younger brother is the sensitive one. Wouldn’t hurt a fly (not that the other one would!) but he is sensitive to all. Ultra-sensitive if you ask me. And he’s married to a New Yorker so bless him.

Two summers ago we went to Patriot Place. If you are a New Englander I don’t need to explain. But for those of you who are not I will explain.

It’s the area where the New England Patriots play football in Massachusetts. Not soccer. But American football. In the South it’s a religion. In the North it’s a close second to religion.

Patriot Place encompasses the stadium, museum, a shopping area, restaurants and even a cranberry bog. It’s very nice.

So we (my brother and his family) had a lovely time hiking the small area around the bog. It was a perfect day.

We went to a restaurant. I made the mistake (in my brother’s eyes) of asking for an extra menu and also telling the waitress ( a local girl) that she just had to take the hike-it was in her own backyard!

I told him he was being ultra-sensitive. I am a kind person. It wasn’t like I was yelling at her. I was trying to enlighten. It’s what I do.

Anyway, I thought about it later (power of suggestion and all that) and really wondered if I had been brow-beating the poor girl.

He takes the kids to the museum and his wife and I stay at the restaurant and enjoy a glass of wine. So fun. Nothing against him.

I see the waitress who served us and beckoned her.

I said, “Hey, my brother thought I was a little hard on you about the hike thing? I’m really sorry if I came off harsh in any way.”

She exclaimed, “No way! Didn’t take it like that at all!”

Sometimes I think he wasn’t even raised in New England where people put it all out there.

So I then said, “Let’s take a photo of us!”

Freak him right out.

We took a picture of me, my sister-in-law and the waitress and sent it to my brother. Glasses of wine raised.

He got such a kick out of it. Texted back, “You are so crazy and that is why I love you.”

We laughed about it for ages.

Happy birthday, little brother. I will always, always, always love you.







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