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I am mostly a positive person. I do like to share the good stuff.

Don’t want to be that person who is surrounded by a little black cloud. No one wants to be Pig-Pen.

There are people out there who no one wants to see coming. Ever.

But if I have a concern or thought I do pass it along. Always. ┬áBecause I can’t help myself. I’m fifty one years old. If I’m thinking it then it’s going to spew out at some point.

This is how I operate.

If I send the head of school a note about a security concern I might have I will then follow it up (not the next day) with a commendation on a recent talk or event. Or praise for somethings that’s fixed.

I think about things like this.

There are a few folks that only hear about problems.

My landlord being one.

I totally understand that is a landlord’s domain. Problems to be fixed.

I only send her a text when there is a leak, the lift (elevator) is not working or some other issue in the home.

So, I sent her a message the other day.

“Hi! Hope all is well. All good here!”

Fingers crossed that I wasn’t jinxing myself.

She happily responded, “Great to hear!”

All was good with her because she was in Marbella with no heat, humidity or haze. And I wasn’t.

But she was really so happy to get a text from me just saying all was well.

My thought is that we should really think about our communications. All of them.




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