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I’ve spent a lot of time in airports. My last posting was about arrival gates.

I suppose I will just continue with that thread.

Some years ago my daughter, in high school at the time, was returning from Syria where she had been studying for the summer.

I was sort of jacked up anyway. Having just experienced the thrill of seeing/feeling the international airplanes arriving, flat on my back, staring at their bellies.

So, my heart was fluttering while I was waiting for Rory at LAX.

I kept asking, “Is that her? Is that her?”

It was a long time to be separated from my first born. I’m not sure what I was expecting in my emotional state.

I spied a young girl in the crowd at the arrival gate.

“Is that her??????”

Finally, Annie said, “No, Mom, it’s not her. Unless she’s grown five inches and is now a Latina.”



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I am in my fiftieth year. Doesn’t seem possible in so many ways! I’m still such a child at heart.

One important thing I do really care about is having (retaining) the spirit of a child. Specifically the child I was.

Went on a road trip with my cousin and a dear friend of mine. It was so much fun.

We rented bikes and took a ride around the lake in Acadia National Park in Maine. No one allowed except bikers, walkers and horses.

As I was rounding a bend, in a sun-dappled forest, on a perfect weather day, I spread out my arms like a kid as I headed down the hill. Taking it all in and loving that exhilarating feeling.

My friend said later, “Don’t you wish you could just bottle that? So on those crappy days you could just feel it again?”

Yes, that would be fantastic. There are not many of those days. It sure would be nice if we could bottle it.

If you asked me when I had that feeling before I could cite you a couple of examples off the top of my head.

Egads! My child birthing and wedding day are not on the list. That’s an altogether different emotion.

One time was when I was at a park in Los Angeles waiting for my eldest to arrive at LAX Airport. This park was in the path of the international flights.

I was lying on the ground, flat on my back, with these huge planes landing so close I felt I could almost touch their bellies. It was so incredibly awesome. I kept laughing like a little kid.

There was also a time when we were living in Southern California and I was at the pool in our community. My husband came home from work, rode up to the pool on a bike, picked me up and we glided down the way to our place. Me with my legs in the air-sitting side-saddle. It was so fun.

We all have great times with friends and family. Lots of laughs and memorable occasions. They are so special. But there are those times when it’s a little bit more. Maybe because it is reminiscent of childhood?

When was the last time you really felt the exhilaration?


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When was the last time you were really thrilled? Really thrilled.

I am not talking about happy, joyful, or excited.

Sometimes it’s hard to say. Unless you are one of those people who spend a lot of time at theme parks on roller coasters or bungee jumping.

Thrill is a strong word. And maybe it should just be reserved for jumping out of planes or that courting period.  Maybe we are just lucky if we have felt it in our lives.

The last thrilling moment that I truly enjoyed was lying on my back on a patch of grass about four years ago. And it didn’t cost me a dime. I was counting the minutes until Rory’s plane would land after a summer in Damascus, Syria. The strip of green was near the parking lots at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) where the ginormous, international planes land. I cannot emphasize ginormous enough.

Looked up at the skies and waited for the whoosh and the perfect view of the underbelly. So loud and so close you could almost touch them. Felt like they were going to land right on top of me.

What an amazing feeling. I laughed and laughed. Couldn’t contain myself. Wasn’t a chuckle¬†or even a belly laugh. It wasn’t because of a funny story or side-splitting joke. Was unique.

Sort of a trill caused by thrill.

When was the last time you were truly thrilled? Really and truly thrilled.

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