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I could write about so many things but I have to be in a particular frame of mind to get the gears grinding for certain topics.

So, today I will just write about monkeys.

I have been in Delhi now for twenty days.

One morning, around 6:00am, I went up to the balcony on the third floor looking for an item. The pup followed as usual. Thumper is a Jack Russell mix with loads of energy.

Out of the corner of my eye I spy two monkeys sitting on the post. I was a bit startled. Immediately hoped the dog didn’t see them. Then I see five of them.

Too late. My Thump spots them and makes a beeline for the ones sitting on the balcony post. They all seemed to scramble and disappear.

Then one suddenly pops back up, leers and leans down toward my dog! Very aggressive and no fear at all.

I’m yelling for my husband, one floor below, who is on the telephone with one of our kids.

Grabbing a golf club, I yell at the monkeys, “Shoo, Shoo!” Or some gobbledygook.

Husband comes up, takes the club from me and runs to the monkeys and they flee.


I was sort of shaking. The surprise of it all and fearing for my dog.

Then they went into the front yard and made a mess. Broke tree branches.

Here’s one of the cheeky monkeys sucking flowers on the opposite side of the yard.


I’m no stranger to monkeys. There were plenty of them in Malaysia where we lived for five years. Especially near the area where my daughter attended school. But I never had the aggressive face to face experience with them in my yard or on my balcony.

I’d read about the monkeys before arriving in Delhi. Current count is 30,000 monkeys in the city. Yes, the city. Not the countryside.

My husband thinks that might be underestimating it. Yikes.

It’s a tricky situation. There’s a preservation a couple of blocks away from our home. Meant to keep the monkeys protected and contained.


But many folks here feed them on Tuesdays and Saturdays for religious reasons. Because of the Hindu monkey god. Feeding them is considered auspicious for the devout.

So I’m not sure why they are leaving the preservation and coming into neighborhoods. Maybe over crowding or looking for more food on the off days.

They are scary. Such a menace, in fact, that there are actually measures in place to keep them at bay.

This is what I really wanted to tell you.

The measures in place are monkeys.


These are actual monkeys (and in these cases-trained monkeys) and apparently the only thing that has deterred the pesky Rhesus monkeys in the past.

Yes, langur monkeys and their handlers have been hired to control the smaller Rhesus monkeys. Until it was banned. But still a black market trade.

Brides have hired langur handlers and their monkeys for outdoor weddings to keep the smaller monkeys away so they don’t ruin the special day.

They’re even hired to guard the homes of political leaders, judges, and other VVIPs.

Thankfully, I haven’t seen them on our property since that first week but I certainly plan on remaining vigilant. Extremely vigilant!










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I received a text from Annie, my daughter, the other day. She was at school.

“Mom, can you please feed Robert?”

I sighed and immediately texted back, “How much?”

As in, “How much ya gonna give me if I do? What’s in it for me?”

She interpreted it (texts can be so very ambiguous) differently and typed, “Two pinches.”

Robert is her goldfish. A friend gave it to her as a gift. Very thoughtful.

In true Amelia Bedelia fashion I tried to pinch him twice but he is a slippery little sucker.

He arrived at our home with nothing but the clear plastic bag on his back.

And we had nothing. Our goldfish days had long passed.

A glass vase (quickly emptied and the coffee pods tossed onto the counter) sufficed until I could borrow a neighbor’s tank. A friend had leftover food.

I didn’t sign up for Robert and yet….here I am.

I also put off having a dog for years. Didn’t want to sign up for that either.

But I do have to say that Thumper, the manic Jack Russell, keeps me fit. In a fit of laughter.

This morning, on the ride to school, he was in the back. Quiet as a mouse. Until there was a bit of noise.

Annie says, “Thumper! What are you eating?”

Apparently someone left a package of Mentos in the back seat.

I thought it was funny. She didn’t and sort of looked at me disapprovingly. Like I’m rewarding his bad behavior with a few chuckles.

I kept at it. “Hey, new nickname! He’s totally mad! He’s Mento!”

She didn’t think that was funny either.

Also didn’t think it was amusing when I grabbed the nearly full package of Mentos. He only had just the one when he got busted.

She said, with a horrified look on her face, “You’re not going to eat that, are you??? After he’s been at it?”

Ummm, I guess not.

Today, I hope you find some joy and laughter in your pets. Whether you signed up for them or not.

Have a lovely week!





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