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I enjoy the four seasons of the Northeast. I honestly do. It was something I always missed while living away from New England.

But I’ve never been a fan of the actual transition to Autumn. I love this time of year once I am immersed in it and appreciate the beauty. That transition, tho’? It’s for the birds.


The osprey heads for its long journey down to South America and I just think, “Yuck.”

Or, “Please don’t leave yet.”

In the past I associated the Fall with my children going back to school or the summer visits from family and friends ceasing. It used to be sad for me. It doesn’t mean I am happy now but the events are different. They change with age and life.

I do wonder what happened to the summer. Where did it go? How did Autumn sneak up on me? And why so quickly? What did I accomplish?

Recently, I saw a meme, “Summer really clocked out at the end of its shift.”


These early sunsets. Leaves starting to swirl. The need for jackets first thing in the morning. Getting stuck behind school busses. Adults claiming Halloween as theirs. Folks preparing their snowbird schedule. The ugly heads of politics reared and ready for battle. Consumerism on steroids.

Ah, the fun of it all!

I will look beyond these things and find the beauty.

Eventually, people will gather around tables and give thanks.

It just happens so abruptly.

Wishing you a weekend of slow transition.

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I missed Autumn in New England when I was away.

Leaf peepers visit from all over the country and the world to experience the changing foliage. It’s so beautiful.

And who doesn’t love bright orange pumpkins?

I remember, when we lived in Kuala Lumpur, my neighbor Jean’s husband got very creative one Halloween night. There weren’t any orange pumpkins available in our tropical environs so he got his hands on a watermelon and carved it accordingly. Made me chuckle but also realize how humans acclimate.

When our children were young it was always fun to visit the pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect pumpkin. We’d bring it home to decorate and/or carve it. Scooped out the innards, rinsed the stringy seeds, dried them and later roasted them in the oven.

Here is an old photo of Hannie and her carved pumpkin when we lived in California. 25 was our house number at the time. Placed by the front door to greet trick or treaters. Snagged the idea from my old friend, Betsy. Visit her site Farmhouse Wares for cool home and garden items.


Hannie is a bit older now and in her second year of university. She came home for a weekend in October to celebrate my birthday. So appreciated! Of course, we went to find the perfect pumpkins.


Some things have changed since then. Like the number of our house. But some things remain the same. Like our happiness while decorating pumpkins.


Consider this as #2 on my previously mentioned “cheerful list.” The things that add a bit of brightness to my day once the days of summer have passed. Even though it really is more than just pumpkins. It is time spent outdoors. Togetherness. Creativity. And yes, eating pumpkin seeds.


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I’ll admit it. The beautiful photos that my friends and family are posting this time of year are sort of making me homesick.

I miss the changing of the leaves.

I miss wearing sweaters. I miss wearing boots.

I once tried wearing a sweater here in Malaysia. It was an evening gathering by the pool area in our community. I’m not crazy (all of the time) so I wasn’t going to go full on heavy wool sweater. But I had donned a nice, light cotton, button down cardigan that I thought I could handle.

Ten minutes into the occasion and I was sweating bullets.

I said to my friends, “I’ll be right back!”

And I ran home to change into some sleeveless, cotton thingy. It was that bad.

I tried.

Some people can handle the humidity here. I am not one of them. I guess it’s my DNA. My ancestors hail from a temperate climate and I was born in an area that experiences seasonal changes.

I’m seeing beautiful photos of changing leaves, football games and family gatherings.

And I miss it.

My visits are usually during the summer. And sometimes Christmas.

So I miss out on those absolute perfect days and chilly evenings of Autumn. All the apple picking and Halloween/Thanksgiving activities.

I get that these same people will be complaining and posting photos of the long winters.

And I also miss that.

It is interesting to live in a climate that is predictable. But not interesting enough that I want to spend my entire life here.

So, if you are currently experiencing the changing of the seasons, appreciate every moment.

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I know I am a bit tardy on this one but I don’t feel so badly about the lateness of the posting. Since we actually celebrated Halloween early.  On Saturday, October 27th. A first for us. But it was fun. Families gathered, spent time with their children and neighbors. There was a haunted house and a few parties. Plenty to do.

I panicked at first when I was told I should have 200-300 pieces of candy to dispense to the little monsters. You can buy American candy here but it is a bit expensive and you won’t get all of your favorites. Note: it’s not cheap in the States either-just plentiful and delicious. Since I don’t usually buy candy except during Halloween I am always confused as to whether there is a bit of price gouging just before the celebration or whether candy is always just plain old expensive.

My friends and I decided to scope out a wholesale candy place here in Kuala Lumpur. I did see a lot of unfamiliar candy in the aisles. And that was okay. I bought a few bags. I did, however, hightail it to another store a few days later in a last ditch effort to grab some Kit Kats.

The day after Halloween we always enjoyed sifting through the booty with the kids. Hearing about what neighbor handed out apples. Or huge chocolate bars. ‘Twas no different the day after Halloween here in Malaysia. Minus the apples and huge chocolate bars. Photos below show some of the goodies that were found in Annie’s bulging pillowcase. Suffice it to say, these are the ones that did not make the cut. They were not gobbled up by anyone.

This is a rice cracker. What American kid wouldn’t want one of these?

Gummy Big Frank. I don’t even like the way it sounds. I want my hot dog to look and taste like a hot dog. And my candy to look and taste like candy. Combination is just not appealing. At least not to me.

Veggie sticks. Always a big hit with the lil trick or treaters.

Halloween would not be complete without one or two yummy body parts. Who’s the brain behind that operation?

Last but not least. Looks like a jello shot. It sort of is. It’s lychee jello. Every time I looked at it I was reminded of a specimen cup. Not sure why since I never filled a specimen cup that was the size of the little milk container that accompanies airline coffee.

So that was a taste of our first Halloween in Malaysia. It was a great time. And it felt a bit like home. Well, except for the temperature and the watermelon jack o’ lantern standing sentinel by a neighbor’s gate. But, what can I say? You  make do. You do the very best with what you’ve got. 🙂

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