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Just in case you were wondering, I am really enjoying my new environment. I have a nice group of women friends. We help and support each other every day. So I am mostly joyful. Had NO idea what to expect before moving but I have been pleasantly surprised. Sure, there are frustrating moments. But like everything else- those pass. It’s all good.

I have been taking some photos here in Kuala Lumpur. A way of documenting my new experiences. Whose idea was it to give me one of these smart phones? Could Alexander Graham Bell ever imagined we would be taking pictures with telephones?

Anyway, as promised, I am sharing them with you. Not all of them at once. But bit by bit.

Below are photos of Awwa and her moveable feast.

Awwa, is a Chinese woman with impeccable English. She drives her trucks (two) into the neighborhood laden with meats, vegetables, fruits, junk food, freshly baked bread, milk, eggs, cleaning supplies, shampoo, and fresh seafood. Everything! Even cigarettes, wine and beer! I can hardly remember my first name but ALWAYS remember the days her trucks will be visiting.

I have visited many grocery stores since I arrived. So she’s not my main supplier. But she’s reliable and gets me the good stuff.

Now, Awwa might charge a little more than the grocery stores. After all, a gal has to make a living. And she is charging for convenience. Bringing the store to you. She certainly is a blessing if you can’t get out or have just run out of milk. Awwa does business mostly the old fashioned way. Throws your items on a scale, scratches it down in pencil and presents you with a bill. Cash only.

If you don’t have the money she will catch you next week. Always willing to advise the best way to prepare, cook and present. Her helper will carry your purchases to your door. She is pleasant and remembers everyone’s name. LOVE her!

This is the lovely woman, Awwa, who drives her trucks into the neighborhood each Monday and Thursday. There is nothing she can’t find for you.

Shopping at the truck. Pen, paper, mad math skills, scale and cash money are all that is needed.

Freezer contains chicken, beef and loads of other things. She arrives with live crabs and all sorts of seafood.

Ready for checkout!

Anything at all!

Into every lil thing!

Why leave the neighborhood?

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