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A lot of people ask me if I like living in India.

The answer is absolutely.

Well, except for the air quality. ūüė¶ No good.

Also the temps are starting to rise a bit. Today it is 102 degrees (F) or 30 degrees (C).

Despite those two things I do enjoy being here.

I love my neighborhood. Every day I discover something different, new or exciting. I’m totally learning.

We are getting ready to move. Again. LOL. But only a couple of blocks away. Same ‘hood.

Our house is in a lovely area. But the construction next door was/is driving us batty. It is like Chinese water torture. Every. Single. Minute. Drip. Drip. Drip.

We considered moving to a popular expat area across town.

Big skyscrapers in a gorgeous golf course setting. The apartments are ridiculously spacious-like 6000 square feet. The building boasts a movie theater on ground floor. Along with a gym, coffee shop and restaurant. Even a pub.

The outdoor pool would put you in mind of a Caribbean resort. Swimming through a labyrinth that’s shielded by towering palm trees.

Went to dinner there with my husband’s associate and his wife. They reside there and love it. Who wouldn’t? Very nice setup.

Couldn’t punch holes in it if I tried.

The wife of the associate was gracious. Explained how safe it was.

We totally figured that one out.

Had to register with guards to enter the gated community. Told them who we were visiting. Then we were on our way.

Came upon another gate at their actual building. Same drill. Security fellows allowed us entry.

Last line of defense against solar panel guys, Jehovah Witnesses and people like us who slipped past the first two gates? Yes, you guessed it.

One more smiling fellow on the ground floor of the building. Located near the elevators.

I was impressed with all of the amenities that the community offered. The woman told me about yoga classes, golfing, groups, etc.

She continued, “You’d never have to leave here.”

Ahhhh. And there it was. My hole punch.

I tried to hide my “deer in the headlights” look.

I’d never have to leave the grounds of this secure and closed community.

Which is totally fine for a four day stay at an island resort.

Okay, I understand that there are a lot of folks out there that would love this. Never have to worry about a thing. A pristine, sanitized, happy bubble.

I’m not knocking anyone. It’s just not me. At least, not the me I am today.

I know that no one stays in the community all of the time. They do leave the compound. LOL

We don’t drive here in India (company doesn’t allow) so I do a lot of walking. We have a driver but I have him drop me off at a park or I will just roam our neighborhood on foot. I always feel safe and I am careful.

You lose some independence by not driving. So I regain a bit of it by walking and exploring the dusty side streets. Never knowing what I will see. Monkeys, mongoose or sick bat stuck on a fence.

Strolling through the acres of the public parks with the funky birds and different sights.

I told my husband (we were waiting to hear on one last house in our current neighborhood) if the last house didn’t pan out then we needed to do what made the most sense financially, work transportation, etc. If that ended up being this expat spa resort then so be it.

I’d find friends and make the best of it. And leave the compound every now and again. ūüôā


In the end, the house in our current neighborhood did pan out and we will move there in the next week or so.


It really made me realize just how much I enjoy discovering something different, new or exciting. Each and every day in my wonderful host country. In my colorful neighborhood.

I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you.






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I am in dog training world again. Yup, even here in Malaysia.

I had no idea that there would be so many dogs in my neighborhood. Since it is a mostly Muslim country (not big on dogs) I just figured not everyone (like us) would bring their mutt with them. I was wrong. There are about sixty dogs.

Our¬†new neighborhood is filled with expats from all around the globe.¬†And it appears they’ve all brought their dogs.¬†Some have two and three.

As luck would have it there is also a woman who trains dogs.¬†My husband¬†told me about this German woman so I¬†sent her a message.¬†Let’s just say that our Thumper needs some fine tuning.

He obeys a few commands. Needs work on the jumping, getting overexcited and barking when the doorbell rings and when we leave.

She’s great.¬†Told me¬†that he is the pack leader. But¬†I need to be. Dogs look for a strong leader and if¬†there isn’t one then¬†they will take control.¬†I need to¬†reassert my authority so he can let it go.¬†Makes sense.¬†Because he¬†feels he has¬†to protect us. Pack leadership 101.¬†Must be exhausting for him.

She said I am to give a command once. And only once. Of course, I ended up saying, “Stay” more than once.¬†The trainer said to me, “Don’t say it more than once. He heard you the first time. There is nothing wrong with his hearing.”¬†She continued, “If you keep saying he will think he can do it on the third time.¬†He must do it the first time.”

I laughed. How many times do I repeat myself, over and over, to my children?¬†It’s the same thing. If you expect something to be done you should say it only ONCE. There was never anything wrong with my children’s hearing either.

When she was done helping me with a few things I wanted to¬†pay her. She said no. That she wouldn’t take any money. Wow. Another case of¬†someone using their gifts to help someone else.¬†Expecting nothing¬†in return.

So I am going to say this only once.

A big heartfelt thank you to all those that share their gifts.

I know. History has proven that I will say it more than once.

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