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I was sitting here this evening while my middle school friend/neighbor Jayda was showing me her school presentation about animals. It was sort of horrifying. Rhinos and elephants with their tusks torn away-leaving gaping, bloody holes.

Okay, so much for happy hour in the hood.

My stomach was upset as a result.

But one thing struck me. One of the poachers stated that they were hungry. That was the driving force. I get that.


Okay, this is the craziest thing you have ever heard.

Should any person in this world be hungry? There is enough food. We all know that.

To those of you reading this. Probably never felt hunger. Real hunger.

It’s Good Friday and my hunger is nothing compared to not knowing when the next meal will present itself.

I had this wacky thought. In total honesty, I have had this thought in the past.

What if we all reached out to our neighbor?


If every person reached out to their neighbor what could we accomplish?

Maybe we could avert disaster? Hunger? Assist a child in despair? An adult in despair?

Truly think about it.

If we all reached out to our nearest neighbor wouldn’t we eventually , as a human chain, make our way around the world?

We could ensure that no one goes hungry. That no one is abused. That folks are educated.

Who are your neighbors? Do you know them? Are you willing to reach out to them? So that they can reach out to others?

Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing ever?




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