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I think it’s funny what we notice. And what we do not notice.

I remember one morning driving a classmate of Annie’s to school in Southern California. We were driving the same route that her family would take since she lived near us. Of course, I chat along the way. And ask her if she sees this crossing guard with the big furry boots each day? Or the Indian woman who walks daily in her sari and a hoodie. Just pointing out the colorful characters on the way. And popping out a few more questions as we continue to school.

The kid told me she had never noticed any of them or seen any of the things I mentioned.  I thought it was just very interesting that two families taking the same ten minute route to school every single day are not noticing the same things.

Sure, things blur and eventually fade after time, like speed limit signs and horrible images on cigarette packages.

My first time through the duty-free shop in Kuala Lumpur Airport, I spied all of these terrible, graphic and sometimes unidentifiable images plastered on cartons of cigarettes.  I said to the young lady surrounded by these images, “My goodness, you have to look at those every minute of your work day!” But then later I thought, “After awhile, she probably doesn’t even notice them.”

Things do blur. And then fade. Until you don’t even notice them anymore.

But do people blur?

I got used to seeing the same people every single day and when I didn’t then I missed them. Whether it was the middle-aged Hispanic guy waiting for the bus holding a big tote bag embossed with a huge, yellow smiley face. Or the two boys that walked to school together each morning sporting the same haircut, skater boy outfit and look. Or the furry booted crossing guard. Or the Indian woman in a hoodie. And so many other folks out there.

Do people blur? And fade away? Should they?

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