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Yesterday, I was driving home from the grocery store and passing an area called Ulu Kelang. I call the roadway, on which I was traveling, by the same name.

I’m driven crazy by the fact that it is spelled three different ways. Hulu Kelang, Ulu Kelang and Ulu Klang. But I adapt. Sometimes I’m working hard at pronouncing the “H”sound. Or drawing out the word “keelang.” Other times I don’t work hard at all.

Back to yesterday.

I happened to notice something on the road just outside the high speed lane. Sort of pushed up against the barrier.

Roadkill is not uncommon here. It happens. Just like it happens everywhere.

Bodies of cats, dogs and monitor lizards are often left on the road, in this lovely equatorial heat, for a few days. Me no like. I do not want to be driving down a street, day after day, and see a form get flatter and flatter. Or smaller and smaller. Especially if they’re puppies.

This unfortunate victim was a monkey.

I have been known to question many things. Usually not rocket science puzzles. But the things that really make me curious.

Like why do we spell refrigerator one way and fridge another? Why did the “d” appear?

Why have I never, ever seen a baby squirrel? Our backyard was loaded with squirrels, the huge maple tree being a safe haven, when I was a kid. Never saw a baby.

I’ve also often wondered, since living here in Malaysia, about the monkeys. I’d never seen a dead monkey. Even though there are bunches of them. Not that I wanted to see one! I just wondered.

Where do monkeys die? Do they go deep in the jungle? Do they die of old age? Does the clan take a dead body and bury it somewhere?

Unless a person is a city dweller most folks are probably living pretty close to the jungle.

But I never heard anyone ever saying that they saw a dead monkey.

Well, I don’t have to wonder anymore. Some of my questions were answered.

And then I started thinking.

It’s sort of sad that a monkey gets hit by a car on a highway.

A lot of people here do not like the monkeys. They can be cheeky. Sometimes scary.


I personally steer clear of their groups near the golf course and mostly watch their antics from the safety of my car.

I’ve heard the stories of them entering houses. Going in the fridge. Doing this. Doing that.

Why wouldn’t they?

My friend recently looked up to see one in her kitchen. Her scream sent him scampering upstairs to escape. She then found the second one sitting on her son’s bed opening a bottle of moisturizer.

It’s still sad that a monkey should be on a busy roadway. And die as a result.


It’s a jungle out there.


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I was recently reading a Facebook page that keeps me updated on local crime here in Malaysia. No, I don’t want to be a crime reporter. But I do want to know anything and everything about how I can avoid being a victim of crime. To learn about places to avoid. Crime appears to be rising here. Mostly purse snatching (car windows smashed while sitting in traffic) and ATM robberies.

One day, on the site, there was a video of a robbery caught on camera. A man pulled into his driveway. Didn’t wait until his gates closed before he got out of his vehicle. Four men jumped out of a car and robbed him before he could even blink.

Someone mentioned the dog barking next door to the man’s home. And said don’t ever ignore a barking dog.

It would make a great fortune cookie. “He who ignores barking dog is not wise.”

I mean, what if they ignored Lassie when Timmy was stuck in the well?

I have a dog. Sure, I complain about him all the time. Okay, okay, I love him. Maybe more than I love some people. Truth.

When he barks it requires me getting off my duff to find the cause of his concern. I sometimes get a little irritated. Especially if it’s outside. I do not want to annoy the neighbors.

But the fact of the matter is that he always barks for a reason.

Mostly due to the never-ending sashaying of slinky stray cats by my house. Just taunting my pup.

I am like the mother of a newborn. I can distinguish his barks. I know when he wants to eat. Well, that’s an easy one with his pathetic little self sitting and staring at our dinner while letting out a string of yaps.

I know when he has to tend to bodily function. Sits by the door and lets out curt barks at short intervals.  No long hound dog howls.

When another dog trots by the house he barks wildly. When his friend “Toby the Pug” (sounds like Mafioso Lite) ambles by with his owner it produces a few small barks (“Hey, buddy, how are ya?”) and then tail’s wagging and body’s shaking.

Someone at the door or a stranger walking by the house? Cacophony.

Does he need some training to tone this down just a tad? Sure he does. On my to do list.

This past summer I was with one of my brothers. We were driving by the home of an old family friend. Checking to see if he was in his garden so that we might stop and have a chat. We slowly pull to the curb just past the house. His big German Shepard starts barking.

My brother, due to the racket, is ready to hightail it out of there. Just not one to bring attention to himself. I could care less. I said, “Let the dog bark. Ralph will be out in a minute to see what’s going on.”

Yep. Ralph soon pokes his head out the porch door to see about the commotion. He was always a wise man.

I know there are plenty of dogs that seem to do nothing but bark all day. It can be annoying but it’s not the dog’s fault. Maybe it’s too hot. Doesn’t want to be outside all day. Keeps hearing other dogs. He’s just communicating.

So, if you hear a dog barking? Remember. It’s for a reason.

And he who ignores a barking dog is not wise.

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I am in dog training world again. Yup, even here in Malaysia.

I had no idea that there would be so many dogs in my neighborhood. Since it is a mostly Muslim country (not big on dogs) I just figured not everyone (like us) would bring their mutt with them. I was wrong. There are about sixty dogs.

Our new neighborhood is filled with expats from all around the globe. And it appears they’ve all brought their dogs. Some have two and three.

As luck would have it there is also a woman who trains dogs. My husband told me about this German woman so I sent her a message. Let’s just say that our Thumper needs some fine tuning.

He obeys a few commands. Needs work on the jumping, getting overexcited and barking when the doorbell rings and when we leave.

She’s great. Told me that he is the pack leader. But I need to be. Dogs look for a strong leader and if there isn’t one then they will take control. I need to reassert my authority so he can let it go. Makes sense. Because he feels he has to protect us. Pack leadership 101. Must be exhausting for him.

She said I am to give a command once. And only once. Of course, I ended up saying, “Stay” more than once. The trainer said to me, “Don’t say it more than once. He heard you the first time. There is nothing wrong with his hearing.” She continued, “If you keep saying he will think he can do it on the third time. He must do it the first time.”

I laughed. How many times do I repeat myself, over and over, to my children? It’s the same thing. If you expect something to be done you should say it only ONCE. There was never anything wrong with my children’s hearing either.

When she was done helping me with a few things I wanted to pay her. She said no. That she wouldn’t take any money. Wow. Another case of someone using their gifts to help someone else. Expecting nothing in return.

So I am going to say this only once.

A big heartfelt thank you to all those that share their gifts.

I know. History has proven that I will say it more than once.

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