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I am preparing for another move in June. So I’m starting to clear things out of the house.

Little by little.

And also trying to use up things instead of just tossing them.

I’ve written about this same thing back in 2009 when I was preparing for a move so this is totally not a new Mary phenomenon.

My eldest daughter is home and she is a big proponent of “using up stuff.” As I am. It’s like a contest for her.

Youngest daughter and husband not so much.

My house sounds wacky if one were to hear the exclamations.

Used up the bucket of chia seeds! Yes!!!

We are making dishes to include many things purchased in the past for just one recipe.

Cans of beets gone. Who bought those anyway?

No more aromatic sticks. Check.

Starting to pull out the candles.

Working on the bottles of salad dressing.

Slowly using up the products. The tubs of moisturizers, little jars of airline perfumes, hair oils and face masks.

The other day, I said to my youngest, “Jeepers, I smell like a bordello!”

I put out my hand, while driving her to school, to give her a little squeeze. She sort of backed away and was wiping her hands.

I was like, “What???”

She said, “It’s just a little greasy.”

I laughed and said, “I know. I can hardly put on my clothes in the morning.”

In the end there will be re-gifting and many donations. But for now I am just using up stuff.

Even if it’s April.










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I was involved with a charity garage sale this past weekend. Nearly all of the items were donated after a bunch of people cleared out their closets and their homes.

In this expat community people are literally on the move quite a bit. So they are forever prioritizing. Do they really want to drag such and such to a new country? Decluttering becomes a way of life for many.

I personally dislike clutter. I blame this on my sign (Libra) and having a few moves under my belt. I moved five times in a five-year period. Left Texas, moved to California, then three times within Orange County and then to Malaysia.

My kids are used to me. Since they were little, I routinely opened their closets to take out the clothes. One by one (they didn’t even have to move an inch) I held up the garment and said, “Stay or go?” No open-ended questions from me. Or the all time favorite, “Stay or could a poor child use it?” Never too early to get them thinking about others. The Jews may have invented the guilt but Irish Catholics perfected it.

I met a woman yesterday who dropped off some children’s clothes and toys at my house. She was moving every SIX months.

She gave me a tip. Said once you wear something and return it to the closet have the hanger face outward. At the end of six months dump all the clothes that are on rear facing hangers. The ones that weren’t used.

Well, that made a lot of sense. Because you actually have a visual.

This isn’t just about clothes. Could be books, toys or household goods. If we aren’t using something (not talking about sentimental items) and have no plans to ever use them then why would we hang on to them?

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