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Had the oddest dream the other night.

I was in a store but it was sort of like a warehouse. Not exactly Costco but more like the back garden section of Wal-Mart when they have empty shelves. In between seasons.

For some reason, Thumper (my Jack Russell) was with me.

There was a guy there. Tall and lanky. Think of a younger Sam Elliott with dark hair. But a bit scruffier. If that’s possible.

Anyway, he’s leaning against one of the shelves. Above him, on the top shelf, I spy an animal looking down at us. It looks like a small ferret but it’s black like a weasel.

I ask, “Is it yours?”

He replies, “Yes.”

I continue, “What is it???? Is it a ferret???”

His shrug is noncommittal.

I’m like, “It’s yours? And you don’t know??? Is it a mix of ferret and something else? What is it???”

I don’t get an answer.

The ferret or whatever it was suddenly jumps down to the floor. Opens his mouth and begins to swallow Thumper. Brought to mind one of those nature programs where the snake swallows something so much larger than itself-like a deer or a refrigerator.

I’m horrified. He’s got half of Thump in his mouth!

The guy says, “He’ll never be able to swallow all of him.”

No sooner were the words out of his mouth when the ferret gulped down my Thumper.

Swallowed him whole. All of him!

I’m sickened and rooted to the spot.

Then, all of a sudden, the ferret opens its mouth and spews out Thumper. Like a cannon ball shot into the air!  Couldn’t hold him in apparently.


Next morning I’m telling my husband.

Asking, “What do you think that dream was all about? What on earth??? Is it the world being swallowed up? Is it me? Is it you? Nothing can hold Thumper down? What????”

He laughed and said, “I just don’t know, Mary.”

Do dreams have to mean anything?

I can only vividly remember two other dreams in my fifty two years of living.

One was when I was a little kid and the dream was about a strange man giving me a heart shaped box of candy. But I didn’t know he was a stranger because he was wearing a mask. Of my grandfather’s face! I think we can all safely assume a “Stranger Danger or Don’t Take Candy from Strangers” campaign might have planted that seed. It was absolutely horrifying. I thought I was totally safe because I was following the rules and not taking candy from a stranger. Shivers.

The other one was when I was teenager. I was driving a car on one of those highway bridges and suddenly the road just ended. Nothing. Just a cliff like scenario. I plummeted. The good news is that I never actually hit the ground because I woke up just before I did. With the bed sheet over my face. But the trip down was downright terrifying. Not sure what the genesis of that dream was but I suppose teen angst could have played a role.

Anyway, nary a clue as to the back story behind Thumper being gobbled up by a ferret. Just glad it was only a dream.

Do you remember your dreams or nightmares? Crazy as mine?





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I know I am a bit tardy on this one but I don’t feel so badly about the lateness of the posting. Since we actually celebrated Halloween early.  On Saturday, October 27th. A first for us. But it was fun. Families gathered, spent time with their children and neighbors. There was a haunted house and a few parties. Plenty to do.

I panicked at first when I was told I should have 200-300 pieces of candy to dispense to the little monsters. You can buy American candy here but it is a bit expensive and you won’t get all of your favorites. Note: it’s not cheap in the States either-just plentiful and delicious. Since I don’t usually buy candy except during Halloween I am always confused as to whether there is a bit of price gouging just before the celebration or whether candy is always just plain old expensive.

My friends and I decided to scope out a wholesale candy place here in Kuala Lumpur. I did see a lot of unfamiliar candy in the aisles. And that was okay. I bought a few bags. I did, however, hightail it to another store a few days later in a last ditch effort to grab some Kit Kats.

The day after Halloween we always enjoyed sifting through the booty with the kids. Hearing about what neighbor handed out apples. Or huge chocolate bars. ‘Twas no different the day after Halloween here in Malaysia. Minus the apples and huge chocolate bars. Photos below show some of the goodies that were found in Annie’s bulging pillowcase. Suffice it to say, these are the ones that did not make the cut. They were not gobbled up by anyone.

This is a rice cracker. What American kid wouldn’t want one of these?

Gummy Big Frank. I don’t even like the way it sounds. I want my hot dog to look and taste like a hot dog. And my candy to look and taste like candy. Combination is just not appealing. At least not to me.

Veggie sticks. Always a big hit with the lil trick or treaters.

Halloween would not be complete without one or two yummy body parts. Who’s the brain behind that operation?

Last but not least. Looks like a jello shot. It sort of is. It’s lychee jello. Every time I looked at it I was reminded of a specimen cup. Not sure why since I never filled a specimen cup that was the size of the little milk container that accompanies airline coffee.

So that was a taste of our first Halloween in Malaysia. It was a great time. And it felt a bit like home. Well, except for the temperature and the watermelon jack o’ lantern standing sentinel by a neighbor’s gate. But, what can I say? You  make do. You do the very best with what you’ve got. 🙂

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