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Sat next to a guy on the plane from Japan to Kuala Lumpur. I so didn’t want to sit next to him. Looked so strange. Yes, making snap judgments here and totally judging the book by the cover. My girls scooted to the seat behind me when they got a look at him. And I ended up next to him in which was Rory’s assigned seat. The things a mother does for the child.

You could only see two watery, light blue eyes. His forehead was covered with a sleep mask that I assumed would soon be covering the watery little eyes. And he also had the Asian mask thingy going on-covering his mouth. So he gave the appearance of some type of Ninja. With only a slit for the eyes.

Eventually, we talked. It certainly helped pass the six-hour flight. And it was interesting. To say the very least.

I now have a novel in my head waiting to be put onto paper. Fairly young, retired, traveling nine months out of year, Asperger’s Syndrome, land development, McMansions, family farm, Mayflower on one side, Irish Baptist preachers on the other, raised by housekeepers, half-brother who was heroin addict, parents divorced when he was four, mother had bad cocaine habit, recovery from rheumatoid arthritis at an older age, stint as a sheriff, Buddhist, and more.

And that is not even why I am posting. He was chatting and at one point he said, “I did bad things. Like you.”

And he continued on about his stay at a monastery or something. I am not sure of the context because I lost focus for a few minutes after that statement.

He was including me. Why, thank you, kind stranger!

I was all sorts of offended. How could he possibly assume or know what I have done and what I haven’t done? I so wanted to lash out in my Sister Edwina voice, “You bold, impudent boy!”

But he wasn’t a boy. He was a man. And he was absolutely correct.  I say it all the time. But I guess when I say it to folks or write it down I tend to do the collective thing. We. Us. I usually soften it up a bit and put some sugar on it. Not, “You did bad things.” But more, “Not a one of us perfect.”

So I was offended for about a minute.

You did bad things.

Yes, you did. We all did.

Because it’s not a crap shoot to assume that every single person in the world did a bad thing. We are human after all. I’m not necessarily talking about murder. Just things that aren’t good. Whether in thought or deed.

And we should reflect on them. So that we can move on and do good. Make amends, reparations, seek forgiveness from ourselves and from others. Acknowledge the bad and get on with the good.

Maybe it was his Asperger’s that was talking. Maybe it wasn’t.

Doesn’t matter. He was telling the truth. And that is not bad.

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When was the last time you were really thrilled? Really thrilled.

I am not talking about happy, joyful, or excited.

Sometimes it’s hard to say. Unless you are one of those people who spend a lot of time at theme parks on roller coasters or bungee jumping.

Thrill is a strong word. And maybe it should just be reserved for jumping out of planes or that courting period.  Maybe we are just lucky if we have felt it in our lives.

The last thrilling moment that I truly enjoyed was lying on my back on a patch of grass about four years ago. And it didn’t cost me a dime. I was counting the minutes until Rory’s plane would land after a summer in Damascus, Syria. The strip of green was near the parking lots at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) where the ginormous, international planes land. I cannot emphasize ginormous enough.

Looked up at the skies and waited for the whoosh and the perfect view of the underbelly. So loud and so close you could almost touch them. Felt like they were going to land right on top of me.

What an amazing feeling. I laughed and laughed. Couldn’t contain myself. Wasn’t a chuckle or even a belly laugh. It wasn’t because of a funny story or side-splitting joke. Was unique.

Sort of a trill caused by thrill.

When was the last time you were truly thrilled? Really and truly thrilled.

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