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A couple of days ago there was an Amber Alert issued for a thirteen year old girl who went missing from her nice Portsmouth, Rhode Island home.

It was amazing how quickly word spread. The radio, television and social media was hot, hot, hot.

This is not, however, a posting about how I wish all children were created equal and would receive the same media attention in this same situation. Another day.

Or a posting about how it is imperative we monitor our youth’s cyber activity. Another day.

And this is also not about how the technology that might have been used to find her is possibly the same that could have assisted in her disappearance. The internet. Another day.

Thank goodness she was found. Did not take even twenty-four hours. Not sure exactly how she was found. Most likely good old-fashioned police work. But I don’t know yet.

She was found in the New Jersey apartment of a twenty-seven year old man. Seems they might have met on-line. Alleged on-line predator. Seems he also might have assaulted her. 😦 I hope not.

But what my posting is about today is this.

Two people in her neighborhood gave a very good description of the man that she left her house with that day.

One was a neighbor and the other one was the lawn guy. They gave a description of the car, plates, and guy.

We can all keep our eyes open in our own backyard. If something or someone doesn’t seem right then it probably isn’t. Take note and then call the police. The police are getting paid for this sort of thing. It’s not your job. But they will appreciate the call.

I think we all have a responsibility to our families and communities to be involved and engaged. We might all laugh about nosey neighbors but read any crime novel or newspaper article and the first people the police speak with are the neighbors.

I still don’t know how on earth three women could have been kidnapped and held in a Ohio home for a DECADE without ANY neighbors noticing anything awry. That blows my mind. Really.

Know your neighbors. You don’t have to love them. Just know them and watch out for them. They might save your life one day. Or you might save theirs.

Let’s start really caring about the communities in which we reside. This disconnection in our society really needs some fixing. Let’s start today.

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