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Many years ago my best friend’s brother-in-law had taken ill in the middle of the night and was in severe pain.

His wife, a nurse, said to him, “You will be okay.”

He replied, “No, I won’t.”

And he died.

I remember discussing this with another friend, Mary Ann. We were talking about whether you “know” when the milk is about to go bad. The expiration date.

She said she once read something that she would never forget.


You will know me by my touch. 

And, now of course, I have never forgotten it. Even though it was more than twenty years ago.

Don’t know if this is always true. I am not sure if we know our last moment but it seems that sometimes it might be true.

Some feel the touch.

Don’t mean to be grim. Just wondering. I suppose that’s life.

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Today is my best friend’s youngest daughter’s birthday.  She is eighteen. Totally seems like yesterday when she was born.

She’s a great kid. An all around nice girl. I would expect nothing less from a child of my oldest friend.

As I was sending her a birthday greeting today a memory was triggered. About a birthday party of hers a few years ago. I cannot even tell you the venue. My memory is that bad.

But I do remember my friend relaying the story to me.

She had invited a group of girls. And you know how the RSVP thing can go when people do not practice common courtesy. So my friend was annoyed from the get go with the lack of response. Not sure if she followed up to see how many would make it.

Anyway, day of party arrives. The only kid who showed up at the birthday party was her very best friend.

Maybe there was an event or something going on that day. I do not know the reason for no one else showing up.  I just know that no one did.

My girlfriend was fuming. But beyond the anger, my girlfriend’s heart was broken. That this would happen to her daughter on her birthday. That her heart would be broken. That she would be crushed. Her special day ruined.

What mom wouldn’t be?

But the two kids went off bowling or did whatever they did at the party.

Do you know, at the end of the day, that kid looked up at her mother and thanked her. She said, “I had a great day. That was the best birthday ever.”

My eyes are tearing up again as I write this and it was years ago.

I remember feeling so darn proud of that kid.

For not forgetting to thank her Mom.

And for realizing sometimes a day with your very best friend in the world IS the best day ever.

For just having an outlook on life that others could only dream about and will never have.

Still so darn proud of that kid. I wish her a billion best days ever.

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